Are you sure this is gluten free?

My youngest daughter and I decided to celebrate National Celiac Awareness Day with a trip to one of our favorite restaurants — Outback Steakhouse. As we looked over the gluten free menu, our waiter put a plate of bread and butter on our table as he passed by. We looked at each other and giggled — then pushed the plate aside. On his way back, the waiter stopped and told us that the bread was gluten free. So, we buttered it up and tried it. We both had the same reaction and stopped the waiter to ask "Are you sure this is gluten free?" He told us that it was Udi’s and it was, indeed, gluten free. We were so excited we couldn’t wait to find a store that carried it. Now with each new Udi’s product we try we always look at each other and ask "Are you sure this is gluten free?"

Name: Mary H.
City: Marietta
State: Georgia

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