Jo's story

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about 15 years ago. My 34 year old daughter was diagnosed last year. It has been a struggle trying to find good gluten free products. Although, It is getting easier these days. I usually shop at Whole foods here in San Jose, CA. I kept trying different brands but never really found anything that was closegluten free food, gluten free pizza, gluten free dairy free, celiac disease symptoms, dairy free bread to white sandwich bread. One day while I was in the check out line, the clerk suggested I try Udi’s. I was a little leery of spending $ on yet another brand so he said go ahead and try it for free. Wow. It was the best bread I have had. Thanks to you and Whole Foods for their great customer service promoting Udi’s. I now use most of Udi’s products including pizza crust, muffins and bagels. I am looking forward to trying anything else that Udi’s comes up with. Good job guys. P.S I would like to see more Udi’s products in grocery stores.

Name: Joann H.
City: San Jose
State: CA

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