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I have been just diagnosed with Celiac Disease after almost dying in the hospital back in June of this year, and losing 152 pounds. Being misdiagnosed time and time again, eating had just become a nightmare for me. I would get deathly ill everytime, and could not hold anything down. I was so afraid of ending back in the hospital again with tubes and fluids being pumped into me because of my organs shutting down, and malnurishment that I finally decided to go for a second opinion. When I finally went to a different physician out of our area, and he ran the same blood tests that my physician had, and found it almost immediately. When he told me that I had Celiac Disease, I had no idea what it was, and as a matter of fact I am still researching on the web about this disease, this is how I found your site. I love to cook for my family and I would cry with sadness and depression because I could not partake in any of those wonderful meals because everything, like pasta, and breads were full of Gluten. I make most all my sauces and gravies from scratch and I know exactly what goes into them. I missed having a sandwich or a real nice breakfast in the morning with eggs and toast, pancakes, etc. After trying your breads, the white, whole grain, and the bagels, now I feel like I am part of life again. If I want a grilled cheese sandwich with my homemade, Gluten Free, Tomato-Basil Bisque Soup on a cool day, then I can enjoy one. It is truly wonderful. Today, I made myself a Gluten Free Mini Fritatta with Gluten Free Breakfast Sausage, Sauteed Onion, Fresh Spinach, and Cheddar Cheese served with a slice of UDI’s Whole Grain Toast. It was absolutely decadent, and I absolutely loved it. Thank you for coming out with these products for me, and people like me, so that we can begin to enjoy life again. I am hoping that by next summer you will have Gluten Free Hamburger and Hot Dog Rolls so that I can enjoy cookouts with my family again. Keep up the good work and keep putting out these products, they make life worth living again!

Name: Marlane D.
City: Tupper Lake
State: New York

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