sandwiches, again

We’ve been dealing with a gf diet for about five years, now, since my third son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. When we were starting out, we tried the readily available GF breads in the markets near us. Needless to say, "YUCK!" For a while we were ordering our bread from a bakery in Wisconsin (we live in California) just to have good bread. Then, when gas prices hiked, we could no longer afford that. So, for several years, we went without sandwiches. Last year, a store opened near us that caters to the Gluten-Free community (Stella-Lucy Gluten-Free Market). A few months ago our oldest son (who is GF due to ADHD) wanted to have pizza bagels. I went to find some bagels at our store and the clerk recommended your brand. My kids loved them. A few weeks later we were planning a cross-country trip & I decided to try your sandwich bread so we could have easy meals at the rest stops. We’ve been buying it every week since. We have also now tried the cinnamon rolls, and the chocolate muffins(?), and we are hooked on your products. Thanks for putting the effort into making great tasting Gluten-Free food.

Name: Sara H.
City: Ontario
State: CA

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