Udi's it the most awesome thing ever!

My wife and I discovered the pure awesomeness of Udi’s gluten-free bread while on vacation earlier this month. We’re both gluten-intolerant, and breads were one of my favorite things. Since discovering that we both have gluten issues, we’d tried other brands and also made our own Gluten Free breads and had not been happy with the results. So we essentially swore off all bread. Then while stocking up on groceries for our vacation at a monastery near Crozet, VA, I saw your bread sitting in the freezer case of the Great Value grocery store. It looked like normal bread and didn’t seem to have the denseness of other Gluten Free breads we’d found, so I bought a loaf to try it.

What followed can only be described as shear bliss! We made grilled cheese sandwiches and they were the absolute best thing we’d eaten since going gluten-free! We followed that up the next day with french toast, eggs in the basket, and more grilled cheese! And every time it was even better than ‘normal’ bread! Before we returned home, we went back to another area store that sells your products and we bought 4 more loaves since we wanted to take Udi’s with us. I have not yet found your products where we live, so I was doubly excited to find that we can buy direct from you online! And believe me, we will!

We can finally eat bread again and have some of our favorite foods again, and it’s all thanks to Udi’s!

Name: John H.
City: Radford
State: VA
Love the sandwich

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