Udi's on vacation

My husband and I took a long needed vacation in Atlantic Beach, NC. Being on a GF diet away from home poses it’s own hurdles as you try to find GF products in unknown territory. I called the concierge desk at our resort and asked it they knew where I might find GF products. They directed me to this tiny market in Beaufort, NC. It is in the back of a small house. The owner of the market recommended the Udi’s bread she had in her freezer section. I had tried many GF breads and most are dry and dense and nothing like the breads I used to enjoy. What a pleasant surprise when I opened the bag and tasted the bread. A huge smile came across my face, a look of enjoyment at this find. Wow! Finally GF bread that tastes good and has great texture. I had also purchased a package of blueberry muffins and found them to be oh so delicious. I think that the Udi’s bread and muffins I bought on this vacation are the best “souvenirs” I found. Thank you Udi’s. You have made my GF diet so much better!

Name: Cathy B.
City: Wadsworth
State: Ohio

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