Udis White Sandwich Bread

I live in Aspen. Colorado and am severely Gluten intolerent and Lactose intolerant. During hikes, long hikes, i have to watch my fellow hikers bite into lovely looking and tasting sandwiches. I thought those days were over for me and i was forced to be unsatisfied munching on nuts and cardboard like gluten free health bars!

Then I found your Udi’s gluten free white sandwich bread in the frozen section of my local market. I snatched it up and made sandwiches for everyone, nobody knew the bread was gluten free and everyone loved my sandwiches! I have converted lots of my fellow hikers they felt full and satisfied without feeling bloated on the rest of the hike!! A very very happy Udi’s fan…

Name: Lolly van B.
City: Aspen
State: colorado

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