I was diagnosed with Celiac disease earlier this year. I found myself cut off from all of my favorite foods. Well intended people kept pointing out things that I could eat, but it was like they were saying "look what you cant eat!" I had tried a couple of Gluten free breads. They were dense, dry, tasted like beans and crumbled like cornbread at the first bite. I live in a small town where my options are very limited.

One day in the local market the owner offered to let me try a "new" Gluten free bread. The UDI’S loaf was given to me by the store owner who was that sure I would like it. I accepted it half hartedly and expected nothing good. I went home and had a sandwich….a real sandwich! I went back to the store and picked up more UDI’S products. I now look exclusively for UDI’S. Thank you for my life back UDI’S!!!

Name: Matt W.
City: Susanville
State: ca
We Salute Udi's!

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