A Simple Sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly, bologna and toasted cheese sandwiches, they are memories from my childhood. I have always loved sandwiches….sort of a comfort food for me. 2 years ago, my "relationship" ended with sandwiches. I am gluten intolerant……NO SANDWICHES ALLOWED! I tried numerous breads (I gag, as I type this). They were horrible, my dog wouldn’t even eat them. He’d sniff and look at me….."what is this?". I couldn’t answer the question in his eyes.

Someone suggested Udi’s. I purchased the sandwich bread, not really hoping for much, I was TOTALLY amazed. I had the BEST toasted cheese sandwhich I had ever had (I realize this could because I hadn’t had one in 2 years). I’ve had a toasted cheese sandwich for the last 3 days. My daughter thinks it’s BETTER, than regular bread…..so do I.

Thanks UDI’s for giving me back my comfort food!!

Name: Dena Goody
City: Rigby
State: ID
Simply Amazing

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