Cinnamon roll face plant

During my lunch break I went over to Whole Foods for coffee and a salad. As I waited for my coffee I turned around and staring right at me were boxes upon boxes of gf cinnamon rolls. A glistening pyramid of doughy goodness. My eyes glaze over and I think I may have drooled slightly anticipating diving into the gooey yumminess. But, before I could work my self up with giddiness of my new found treasure I turned one of the packages over – no soy, no corn, no dairy. BOOYAH!!!!! Once paid I did a combination of power walking and skipping back to my car, turned up the music, and busted into the box of frosted wonder. Face first I devoured bite after bite covering my nose and cheeks in frosting, and making frequent rounds of sucking the cinnamon goo off of all 10 of my fingers after each bite. I caught movement to my left, I whirled around and found myself eye to eye with the passenger of the car next to me, staring at me (and possibly the frosting covering my face) in horror. My immediate reaction was to snarl at him. Did he not understand that I have not tasted the wonder that is the cinnamon roll in years? My eyes went back to my new sweet lover and embrassed its softness. I inquired silently where it has been for the last few years, why the frosting packet could only smother/drench two of it’s rolls, will I be able to consider an open relationship of sharing the last 2 rolls with my other gf friends. But, as soon as I took another bite the questions that swirled in my head left as quickly as the rolls left the container into my happy belly.

Name: Stacy G.
City: Portland
State: OR

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