Developing A Recipe for GF Bread Pudding

My mission in life is to make kick-ass gluten-free food without having to compromise. After being diagnosed with Celiac in 2003, I became frustrated with the lack of quality in GF foods & cookbooks. Thereafter, I left my job as a Chemist at Procter & Gamble after 14 years to pursue my culinary dreams. I graduated culinary school, customized it all to be GF, in November 2009. Then I spent 3 months investigating GF baking formulation at Ferran Adria’s R&D Facility, Alicia Fundacio in Spain. Now I am trying to get my GF Culinary business off the ground. On aspect is as a food writer. My friend is starting up a food web site in mid-October. He asked me to be the gluten-free contributor. My first assignment was to develop a GF bread pudding recipe. I made a few different varieties & different makers of GF retail available bread. By a large margin, Udi’s yielded the best GF bread pudding. All my tasters do not have be on a GF diet, and they did not notice anything different about the bread used. Thanks to Udi’s I came up with a delicious, GF Grand Marnier Bread Pudding recipe for the home cook. Crispy golden on top, gooey in the middle, light and custardy on the bottom. Guaranteed to make all happy from brunch to dessert.

Name: Erin Swing R.
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio

One response to “Developing A Recipe for GF Bread Pudding”

  1. Sheila says:

    Will the recipe be on the website? Would love to hear more about it. The picture looks enticing.

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