How I discovered Udi's

Four years ago, we were thrown headlong into the gluten-free lifestyle. We were overwhelmed with questions and underwhelmed with options for gluten free foods. Even though we live in a progressive area with access to specialty stores we still couldn’t find the Holy Grail of GF products: a decent sandwich bread.

After struggling through each and every loaf of store bought bread (many of which truly tasted of cardboard) and trying dozens of online recipes we had given up. Then one day online I saw someone raving about Udi’s gluten free bread. I figured it was too good to be true like the other claims of "good" GF bread and truthfully, I forgot about Udi’s.

A few months later walking around our independent health food store I noticed that they carried a new brand of GF bread and it was 22% off so I thought that deal was good enough to give it a try. After all, we could always toast it and cover it with jam to cover up the cardboard if necessary. But boy oh, boy it was not necessary! For the first time my kids are able to enjoy sandwiches in their school lunch just like all the other kids. We’ve eaten foods that we’ve not have for years and are relishing even the simple things like PB&Js. I’m so thrilled that my family can enjoy the standards of childhood and enjoy them!

I’m so incredibly thankful for Udi’s and now happily pay full price!

Name: Megan D.
City: Keizer
State: OR

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