I had given up on sandwiches and yummy breakfast treats

I discovered I was gluten intolerant a little over a couple of years ago, after suffering from debilitating migraines for over ten years. Giving up gluten, in my opinion, was a good exchange for finally finding migraine relief. However, I also thought that giving up gluten also meant giving up on muffins, cinnamon rolls, French toast and sandwiches as I could not find any substitutes I liked. Then, I discovered Udi’s. Now my gluten-free world is so much bigger! Every bite of my sandwich feels like a moment in heaven–no kidding. I also cannot get over how great the muffins are and am looking forward to trying the pizza crust.

Thanks to Udi’s, I can now eat "normally" again. Thanks, Udi!

Name: Flora
City: Newberg
State: OR
Udi's puts a smile on my face!

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