"Love Bread"

For a years I have thought my daughter had a "sensitivity" to wheat, though allergy testing has not supported this. Her belly got distended and hurt everyday. I started buying gluten free products whenever they were on sale and noticed that when she ate less wheat, she complained less of belly aches. Well, she didn’t like any of the gluten free breads for various reasons, so this made packing a quick lunch a challenge. One day I bought Udi’s whole wheat bread and told her that it was special gluten-free bread. Intrigued, she asked what was special about it. I told her that when the baker made it, she closed her eyes and felt all the love she could feel in her heart. She then took that ball of love out and held it in her hands..she then kneaded it into the dough, as a substitute for the gluten.

My daughter, who had been refusing to eat gluten-free bread, ate her sandwich and gave me a big hug. She said it was yummy and made her feel like giving hugs. So, we don’t have a problem when I can buy your bread..she remembered the packaging. I guess I am lucky she is 6 years old.

Name: angela c.
City: Ithaca
State: NY

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