Madilynn and her 1st grilled cheese, Age 4

My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 18 months, we thought getting insulin would make her feel better and make her a happy baby and she would start to eat again…Um, not the case she was still miserable!!! After not being able to get her blood sugars under control for almost a year and a half, we still had one miserable child who was unable to communicate how she felt and probably thought it was normal to always feel horrible, they FINALLY diagnosed her with CELIAC DISEASE!!!

We tried all types of horrible breads, pizza crusts and threw away hundreds of dollars on food she wouldn’t even smell let alone eat we found Udi’s and with that said she started to eat bread, then she would let us add peanut butter, then meats and know we are up to a grilled cheese!!! We found the pizza crusts and now we have pizza almost every Friday. It’s nice to feed her things a kid should be able to eat!! Anything Udi’s I buy is guaranteed to be a hit with her!! Word can’t express the feeling of finally having a HAPPY child who will and can eat and finally feel good!!!

There are still days I look at her in amazement thinking she finally eats bread it only took us 3 1/2 years to get there!!! Thank you Udi’s!!!

Name: Kellie M.
City: Foristell
State: MO
Madilynn and her 1st Grilled Cheese

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