My Daughter

Ten years ago my husband and i traveled to transylvaina to bring home our daughter, Gabi from an orphanage in Transylvaina , Romania !!! Gabi was diagnosed with celiac disease and her parents could not afford to feed her ( the main source of food in Romania is wheat )…For the past TEN years i have tried evry bread, bagel, cereal…that she could tolerate..last week we heard about your bagels…she is in HEAVEN..i live in Concord, Nh and the nearest store is in Hookset, Nh…i just returned a few minutes ago with 5 bags of bagels..cereal..bread….she has a Field Hockey game this afternoon and said " please mom can you get bagels.." They actually fill her up and make her smile.,……for the mom of a child dealing with this disease i would drive to the ends of the earth to see her feel " normal "..she finally can go to the bus stop and carry a the other kids….I am unloading a bag of groceries…but it is so much gives her hope that someday se will feel like all the kids..the disease is finally her friend because of you !!!!!!!! attached is a picture of my beautiful daughter surfing !!!!!!

Name: Mela S.
City: Concord
State: NH

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