NO More bread Depression

Being a novelist, food sometimes slips my mind. In June 2006 I was diagnosed with wheat intolerance, my liver was poisoning my system. The one thing I remember is food depression, mostly to the sense of "what can I eat" to the point of "I’ll never hold a sandwich again" The breads that were out there were heavy, thick, and clogged my taste buds. The term “it’s better than nothing” no longer had any right in my pallet’s world! So I gave up on bread, including making it. My assistant has to constantly remind me to eat because eating was no longer "fun" it was "what’s in it" or "I’ve had that twice this week". So I would eat in order not to “wither away” and “cause my fans to storm the house and force feed me.”

I went to a local health store Nature Tyme (plug) and my boyfriend said "Hey, Dear, Look at this bread it has holes in it!" Holes!? Now, see, for a person who has never had to deal with GF bread, HOLES wouldn’t seem important. But he has been trying GF items with me and trust me….HOLES are NOT an option in GF bread. And most of it tastes like yeast – GROSS! But this bread had HOLES GLORIOUS HOLES! I held it in my hand as if it were some beacon of light at the end of my depression tunnel and smiled out and yelled “We’ll TRY IT!” I was skeptical but brought it home and had toast (realizing I had no jam because I’d not had TOAST in 4 years!) I was agitated because it was GREAT TOAST! It had nooks and crannies, that the butter melted into….my eyes large as saucers and I clapped like a four year old getting a cookie! Eating it I grabbed two more slices and just warmed the bread a bit and had MY FIRST HAM SANDWICH that I HELD IN MY HANDS and I enjoyed it so much I had two more! Glorious UDI BREAD!

I immediately went on my fan site (as one of my characters has a wheat intolerance and I have achieved a few GF fans) and praised UDI BREAD! I would even sing its praises IN MY NOVELS if Udi gave me permission to brag! You have caused LOVE OF FOOD in this author’s heart, and a new found LOVE of my hands shoving food in my face instead of guiding a utensil! TO ALL that created this bubble filled bread that has NOOKS and CRANNIES! MY HEART goes to you for you have made me WANT TO EAT A SANDWICH AGAIN! (Breathes into a brown paper bag). I would recommend your bread and tonight I’m headed the 20 minute drive to Nature Tyme to fill a basket full of UDI BREAD! (and try a few other things as well (big smile)). And I probably should get a bike or jogging shoes (smile).

Thank you so much!!! Food Depression get the UDIoutaHERE!

Name: K. (Kristin)
City: Syracuse
State: NY

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