Sinking Our Teeth Into Udi's

Since my 13 year old son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last year, we’ve been on a quest for tasty gluten free options. At the mall recently, Harry complained about his diet for the first time, the smell of hot bagels wafting our way. I suggested ice cream and, tearfully he said, "I just want something to sink my teeth into, Mom." Tearful myself, we went in search of something we hadn’t yet tried, and discovered Udi’s gluten free bagels. Taking an eager and hopeful bite, Harry’s eyes rolled back as he chewed a perfectly textured bagel.

"Finally, something I can sink my teeth into!" he exclaimed as he relished every morsel.

Name: Sarah H.
City: Sherwood
State: Oregon
Sinking his teeth into Udi's!

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