So this is leaving normal is like?

For many years I was considered a party pooper because I was always grumpy and terribly irritable about everything in life, I was always sick to the point I couldn’t hang out with the guys or have a beer with friends because it will affect me to the point that I had to excuse myself from the gathering, parties etc, etc. When I found out I was allergic to gluten and I stopped eating food with it I started cleaning my system up, and my life changed and is still changing because it was recently at the age of 36 that I found out.

Thanks to Udi’s my adapting process has been much easier thanks to the exquisite line of products they have; I am so glad there is a bread that taste good out there and thanks to a company like Udi’s I will not be forced to eat corn tortillas and sour smelly nasty looking bread from the “others out there."

Thank you, thank you and please hurry up with the burger buns for they are very much needed. Cheers,

Name: Luis N.
City: Houston
State: Texas

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