Udi Free, NOT ME!

I was diagnosed with Gluten intolerance late September 2009 after having digestive issues for 7 yrs that got worse & worse with time. Until I started looking into what a Gluten Free diet meant did i realize how complicated it could be without the right information. I have to say i was a bit overwhelmed at times & depressed especially when i already was caring for my terminally ill son & his health (he passed April this year)& now I had to worry about my own health!! I’d tried breads on the shelf as I love bread, especially those you get hot and fresh at restaurants, but the ones on the shelf were awful and had a funny smell to them that I thought I was actually going to have to live without bread for the rest of my life.

Well it wasn’t until I was at a Whole Foods in Missouri 5 months later that I came across 2 other women that were Gluten Free people & told me about Udi’s frozen breads so I trusted their advice and no sooner i got home & tried it and have been sold ever since! It actually looks & tastes like real bread, no funky smell or bad taste and i’ve been buying it and your other products eversince. I like Udi’s so much I have not tried any other brand as i’m totally sold & feel no need to try something else when I’m so sold on Udi’s!

Name: Melinda M.
City: Ofallon
State: Illinois

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