Udi's Distribution

My family is gluten intolerant whether they want to admit it or not, my sister has celiac’s and my dad also tested positive and lived his whole life with it. He found out just before he passed away that he had it. Well my sister is a HUGE supporter of Udi’s, I had had food allergy testing done and it came back that I am allergic to wheat and for 2 years I tried GF breads and they all tasted like cardboard, so I decided that I would just make all of my sandwiches with corn tortilla’s. My sister kept telling me about Udi’s and apparently Udi’s at the time was readily available in No. CA but I could not find it anywhere but Mother’s Market in So. CA. I am a regular at Sprouts Market as it is close to my home, when my sister came for a visit she brought some Udi’s bread and we went to Sprout’s and showed it to the store manager. He requested to corporate that they carry it and I pressured their corporate office as well. They now sell Udi’s and it is their best selling GF bread. I love Udi’s and by the way it tastes like real bread! Thank You! Bruce

Name: Bruce S.
City: Seal Beach
State: CA

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