A "normal" day

My name is Michele. After two years of stomach pain, I found the cause was gluten. It seemed like an easy fix, do not eat it. The first several months were not that bad, the stomach pain went away. Getting used to eating this way was fairly easy, read all labels, prepare your own meals at home….. but going out was difficult. I felt so bad when I had to ask about ingredients.
Happy sandwich eater after discovering Udi's Gluten Free Bread
I don’t want make anyone uncomfortable by talking about my “allergy”. I really started to miss feeling “normal”. One Tuesday, my husband and I were out at noon on a delivery for our furniture company. We were really hungry, my husband saw a deli and wanted a sandwich. I didn’t want to bring up the fact that I can barely stand to go in a deli anymore, but for him I was sure I would find something without complaining. When we went to the counter, my husband said “Look, they have a gluten-free menu!” I was skeptical, I had tried some gluten free breads in the past, none of which I ever purchased again. I ordered a turkey sandwich. We were told that our order would be brought to us when it was ready. When my plate arrived all I could do is stare at it, it looked normal! My husband asked me what was wrong, I told him that they must have made a mistake, this is normal bread, not gluten free! I went to the counter and asked, they assured me that is was gluten free, no mistake! I went back to my plate and took a bite, I teared up. I ate the whole thing without talking. Just enjoyed holding and eating my normal sandwich. My husband knew why I was emotional. It had been six months since I had a sandwich. Especially one this good! The bread was so wonderful, I had to know what it was. They told me it was from Udi’s bakery.

I asked if they sold this bread. They did, I bought a loaf and brought it home. I had a grilled cheese for dinner that night. I was so happy I even took a picture of it and sent it to a friend of mine whose husband has Celiac disease. She was so thrilled she sent her husband to the deli after work to get Udi’s bread! Since then I have had the muffins, bagels (my favorite!) and of course, more bread. I love my normal Udi’s life now!!

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful products! I will never forget the day a sandwich brought me to tears!!

Name: Michele C.
City: Sarasota
State: Florida

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