I had been sick for years, misdiagnosed with so many things and put through so many tests. I then went to see a holistic doc who told me to cut out the gluten. I was devistated at first, what did this mean? What could I eat? I began doing a lot of research on the different types of flours and was glad when I knew I could eat rice flour. I bought a few different types of bread and was disqusted with them all.

I happened to be in Minnesota for a weekend get away and ran across a store that was created just for people like me. I felt like I was at home, everyone understood my frustrations and desires for "real" food. I happened to buy a loaf of Udi’s bread and then left the store and state back to Wisconsin. I LOVED the bread, it was wonderfully soft, and chewy. I was so bummed that I hadn’t bought more. I began researching it and found that a dealer in Madison Wisconsin was selling it. I had a co-worker who had been dating a man in Madison and had been going there every other weekend. I gave her $50 and asked her to stop at the store in Madison to buy me as many loaves as this amount of money would get me. I had been doing that for about 2 months until a local bulk food store began selling Udi’s.

I think it is the best kept secret when it comes to gluten free bread. I intend to buy some loaves and use them for my dad and myself to make stuffing for Thanksgiving. It will be the first time in 3 years that I will be able to eat my favorite side dish of the holidays.

Thank you Udi’s for making such a great product
and I hope more people find out about the "secret". It’s the best bread I’ve had since before being gluten free.

Name: Christy C.
City: Appleton
State: Wisconsin

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