How to make a 3 year old happy

My son was diagnosed at 18 months with celiac disease. He was one sick little guy. The day he was diagnosed I wandered the Whole Foods aisles, picking up expensive boxes of cereal and bags of flour I couldn’t pronounce (quinoa?), much less know how to cook with. However, I’m a cook, and also a chemist, so after a lot of experimenting I eventually got used to cooking with sorghum, teff, potato starch and the like. I make a mean gluten free zucchini bread, not one grain of wheat in sight. However, yeast breads were another issue. My toddler son didn’t know good bread from bad bread, so as long as it looked like his sister’s sandwhich he was happy. However, a year after his diagnosis I found out I had celiac disease, and I wanted a real sandwhich, darn it!

The gluten free bread from the freezer section of my local natural foods store was dense and only good for toast, and my home made bread was a tad too crumbly. Now my son was starting to realize that his sandwhich, in fact, was not at all like his sisters, because his fell apart once he picked it up. When I found Udi’s, I was in heaven…soft, yummy bread! Squeals of girlish delight followed. When I took it home, I explained to my son "now you can have a sandwhich just like your sister’s!"! His eyes were so big, he covered up his mouth with his hands and started giggling. Nothing was better than seeing that little guy inhaling his PB&J, grape smudges all over his face.

We absolutely love Udi’s! (I didn’t have a pic handy of him with a messy face, so here’s a photo of my son, Michael, with the largest carrot in the state of Indiana. And Silly Putty.

Name: Christine S.
City: West Lafayette
State: IN

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