"I'm so happy I could cry"

My two daughters, now aged 18 and 14, and I (43) were all diagnosed with Celiac a little over two years ago. We cook at home all the time, so we thought the transition to gluten free would be easy. Well, it wasn’t bad except that we are an Italian family who loves pasta and bread. Pasta we could deal with, but the loss of bread was devastating to all three of us. We tried lots of different brands – many stayed in the freezer for months until it had to be thrown away. I had some success with making pizza dough, pita breads and flat breads, but we really missed grilled cheese sandwiches on a weekend, and a bagel with cream cheese on a Sunday morning. When we found Udi’s bread and bagels at the Natural Food store about a month ago, we were eagerly trying it in the car on the way home. My younger daughter, who is the most picky eater, took a bite of bagel and said, "I am so happy I could cry!" Now we ALWAYS have the bread and bagels in the freezer so packing school lunch is hassle-free, and my older daughter even has gotten her college to carry the Udi’s bread in their gluten free pantry. For me, a bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich on a chilly fall day is the ultimate comfort, and now the sandwich actually tastes good! Thank you for developing such a tasty product – I recommend it to all the other shoppers in the natural food store where I shop.

Name: Anna C.
City: Shrewsbury
State: MA

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