It cannot be gluten-free

My name is Sirpa Ikonen and I originally come from Finland, from a small country where we consume copious amounts of great bread and coffee. I don’t have a celiac disease, neither am I officially sensitive to gluten, but for more than 10 yrs I have tried to avoid gluten in my diet and in my cooking as I believe gluten is not good for anyone. But I LOVE bread. So, I’m constantly in the lookout for new better tasting gluten-free products and also try to bake and cook home gluten-free.

I found Udi’s whole grain gluten-free bread at the Expo West in Anaheim this March and have since then been an avid advocate for it, always introducing it to friends and family. One time we were tasting Udi’s whole grain bread with a friend couple. The wife is sensitive to gluten and shares my general beliefs about the benefits of not eating gluten, and has been trying to get her husband to eat gluten-free products. Until then he always disliked any gluten-free product we offered him. This time we offered him toasted Udi’s gluten free whole-grain bread, and after he had gulped down his bread, he asked "so, when are we going to taste the gluten-free bread you’ve been raving about". When we told him that he just ate it, he simply wouldn’t believe us and said "it cannot be gluten-free". And we asked why so, and he replied "because it tasted like bread".

Name: Sirpa
City: San Diego
State: CA 92128

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