Where have you been all of my gluten free life?

After being diagnosed w/ Celiac Disease in May of this year – I was actually very depressed not only by the taste of those loaves (or should I say bricks) of "stuff" called bread…but the $7.00 plus price tags. That is until I starting reading blogs – and the more blogs I read the more I found positive comments about Udi’s products. Now, the hard part was actually finding them – our Whole Foods didn’t have them, Chamberlins was "out of stock" and the little stores didn’t know about it. So, I made it my mission to try and inform the store managers at my local Publix and Whole Foods to start carrying your products. We definitely need more than just granola!

I really wish I had a video of my "happy dance" that I performed in front of the freezer case in Publix last week – when to my delight – they now carry the bread and bagles!!! I can only hope for more bagle flavors (yes, I DID have to double check once I toasted the bagle and took a bite – that I didn’t buy a "normal" one instead of a gluten free)!

Thank you thank you thank you…I can only feel really bad for the people who have suffered for so many years prior to your gluten free products! (Sorry, the picture isn’t of my happy dance, but the motorcycle is the next best thing!) : – )

Name: Deb V.
City: Clermont
State: Florida
Enjoying Udi's on the Open Road

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