Having to go gluten-free a year ago, wasn’t an easy step for a carboholic like myself! Breads and bagels were the staple in my diet. The first bagel I tried that was gf was the most horrible thing I have ever tasted. The whole bag went into the garbage after trying to force feed myself – it end up going to the dogs. Over the course of the year, I have tried many breads also. I baked my own, just to find the insides done, outside the color of marshmallows or the outside looked great, inside doughy and tasted not so good. I have bought every brand I can find to find that nothing is as they proclaim. Finally about a month ago, the store I shop at had Udis brand and of course I tried it. I was thrilled!! The bread was great and actually looked like a piece of "real" bread. So, the final test was the bagels. No, they aren’t like a big huge Panera bagel, but they are the next best thing. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I went out and bought several kinds of cream cheese, and am in my glory in the mornings when I can eat my bagel for breakfast. Hoping for difference flavors in the future but for now the plain is just fine!! Thanks so much!!

Name: Marsha T. 
City: Normal
State: Illinois

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