No toasting needed!!

I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease in December 2009. Like many people I had not been feeling well a long time before we figured out what was wrong. Adjusting to gluten free living at first was, overwhelming, intimidating, maddening and difficult. I adjusted o.k. to not eating things like donuts, bagels and cookies, but bread was more difficult. I had tried a few different kinds of gluten free breads. They were o.k. toasted, but were unedible if not toasted. I tried to have a sandwich one day without toasting the bread first and it almost made me cry. I made my son try a bite and he said that if he ate a piece of the car cushion it would taste better. Then, I came across Udi’s bread on line. I bought the bread and I tried it for a sandwich without toasting the bread!! It was amazing!!! I was brought to tears again, but for a good reason!! Every day for lunch I enjoy and sandwich!! My favorite is chicken salad! I thank you so much for making a bread that is good and easy to use on the go!! I tell everyone about your products! THANK YOU!!

Name: Tracy Nash
City: Hermon
State: Maine

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