Wow, was the word I used when I first tried Udis white bread. I was visiting family out of state and went grocery shopping with them and came across the bread! i said to myself, do I dare waste this money on this after all the g-free bread that I had wasted money on in the past. Well, I bought it, got to the house and tried it, I seriously cried and said are you kidding me, I looked at the label again and again and made everyone try it, I said there is no way this could be this amazing being gluten free, how can they make this bread taste this good and all the other companies cannot! I am now a happy satisfied Celiac girl, thanks to your amazing company! I just cannot get enough. Thank you so much and please keep bringing on the good stuff!

Name: Athelia
City: Wabash
State: IN

2 responses to “WOW!”

  1. Nancy McCarty says:

    Agree, best bread I have had since I was diagnosed 9 years ago.

  2. Megan says:

    I just discovered this bread about a month ago … I was reluctant to buy it because of how gross all other gf breads usually are! Like you, I literally had tears in my eyes when I ate my 1st grilled cheese sandwich in 8 years! 🙂

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