my son and your bread

You have made my sons day finally a gluten free bread that he loves to eat. No more money going in the trash anymore. We discovered your bread when we went to a sandwhich shop and looked at the ingredients of your bread and would you know that he could have it. Not only is my son Celiac he also has other severe food allergies that makes it really hard to find things that he can eat. All I have to say it is about time someone came up with a great gluten free bread that he absolutely loves. I have tried all of his GF stuff and I have to say I am ready to make this the bread that the whole family eats because it is that good. Great flavor and great texture. My son asked me is this what real bread tatste like and I had to tell him that his bread tasted better than the real bread that I usually eat. I just wanted to say Thank You and that you have made an 11 year old boy very very happy.

Name: Michelle
City: Copperas Cove
State: Texas

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