First sandwich in 3 years… tears of joy

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2007, and subsequently my whole life changed. I never ate a ton of bread or pasta before the diagnosis, but I did occassionally enjoy a turkey bacon guacamole sandwich from the local sub shop.
One day, my mom and I headed to Old Town Arvada to Udi’s Bakery Cafe to try out their gluten free bread. I’d tried their bluberry muffins – which were AMAZING – but that was it.

I saw my favorite type of sandwich on the menu, ordered it on gluten free bread, and hoped for the best. When my sandwich arrived, I was amazed at how NORMAL it looked. Udi’s bread looks and feels like bread. It is spongey and soft, with a real crust. I took the first bite. Tears began forming in my eyes, and I was an emotional wreck. This was my first sandwich since my diagnosis – my first sandwich in over three years. It was good – no, it was AWESOME!

I cried throughout the entire meal. I did not care that I was in the middle of Udi’s Bakery Cafe. I took several breaks to compose myself, and when I noticed that Udi’s bread doesn’t fall apart with moisture or condiments I would burst into tears again. If you haven’t had other gluten free breads, you just won’t understand. Udi’s is quality. There’s nothing else like it.

I finished my meal and told the executive chef about my experience. He smiled, then said to me, "You should go tell Udi. He would love to hear what you just told me." I promised to write a letter so that corporate knew just how much they had impacted my life with a slice of bread. He smiled again, and said, "Well, you should go tell him in person, because he is sitting right over there." The chef pointed to the table immediately behind us.

Two gentlemen were sitting and having a quiet conversation over beverages. Udi, the founder of the company, had been sitting near us this whole time. I told Udi how he had changed my life in one instance and thanked him for helping the Celiac community. He was very humble and interested in my feedback. When we left Udi’s Bakery Cafe in Arvada that day, we were customers for life.

Thank you, Udi’s, for making such an amazing line of products!

Name: Erin Thatcher
City: Littleton
State: CO

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