Well, I had blood work done after a friend of mine was told she may have celiac’s and our symptoms were very similar. The blood work came back positive for a possibility but they wanted to do the biopsy. So I went off bread and felt so much better I just never went for the biopsy and just stayed gluten free. I’ve been looking for a decent bread for over a year. I finally got a bread maker and just picked the best recipe, after many, many, many failed attempts. And then one day, I run into the store to grab some gluten free noodles and overhear these two older women talking about Udi’s, so I run to the freezer section and they had one white loaf left. Of course I snatch it up, because we are all willing to try anything in hopes that it tastes somewhat like regular bread. As soon as I got home I made toast and a sandwich. I seriously died and went to heaven. I hadn’t had a sandwich in over a year. I got to eat toast with my eggs, and improvise French bread on spaghetti night. I am in love with this product, and even better I can order it online, b/c the store can barely keep it on the shelves. I am officially a life long customer of Udi’s. I can’t wait for what they come up with next. I’m going to buy the pizza crust too, haven’t had pizza with my family in one year. Super Excited!

Name: Erica Monk
Email: cherriejam@msn.com
City: Levelland
State: TX

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