remiscence of breakfast

I found out in 2003 that I was celiac…. it also became obvious that I couldn’t have dairy or soy shortly thereafter. My life was changed forever, and I began baking my own bread for several years, until I discovered Udi’s. I tried a loaf, and soon found some peanutbutter that I could eat. I made toast and put some soy~free margarine and peanutbutter on it, fixed myself a cup of decaf coffee, and dipped the toast in it…..oh, my goodness. I was in heaven! My mom used to fix this for me when I was young, and she’s been gone for 11 years now. A sweet memory of her lives on through my toast for breakfast the way that she taught me all those years ago. Thank God for wonderful memories, and Udi’s gluten free (dairy and soy free).

Name: Lori J weller
City: La Pine
State: Oregon

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