A Life Sentence.

When I found I had Celiac, all I could think of were the many things I could not have. No bread, crackers, cupcakes, or bagels. How could life go on? Gradually, I learned how to cook with rice instead of noodles. I’d eat a potato instead of bread. Instead of a sandwich, I would put my sandwich fixins in a salad. And every time I went to the store, I would look longingly at the bakery aisle. More than anything else, the bread and bagels were calling my name. Life as I knew it was over.
Then I found the breads in the gluten free aisle… well, as you know, it isn’t really an aisle, only a few feet dedicated to sugar free, diabetic, and the gluten challenged.
I broke down and traded my week’s paycheck for a loaf of bread. One slice and I swore I’d never try anything like that again. It was heavier than my father’s fishing lures. Woe is me.
Time passed. I thought I’d give it one more try. Another week’s paycheck traded for a loaf of gluten free bread. …I had bought something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Maybe I’d hit him over the head with it, but I’d never feed it to him.
Time passed. A friend told me about Udi’s. My thought was no, I’d already traded most of my life’s savings on different inedible gluten free products. I knew I’d never be happy again. Then, in a moment of weakness, I was desperate for something bread like. I knew I wouldn’t like it. Maybe I could dry it and use it for bread crumbs. I was given a coupon and I took a chance.
It was like the sun coming out after a heavy rain. A moist, light, good tasting bread! I felt rainbows of happiness. UDIs. Heaven!

Name: Carol Nassar
Email: carol_nassar@yahoo.com
City: Norwich
State: NY

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  1. isabelle amero says:

    It`s had finding gluten -free foods around here.And the cost is way up they.Still don`nt know a hole lot about this yet.I live in Nova Scotia Canada.

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