Yay! You have Udi's!!!

In my area of Massachusetts, there are few places to eat out and be able to get a gluten free sandwich. However, with our one and only grocery store (a Hannaford’s) now carrying your breads, a couple of places have recently begun being able to offer them! The fact that Hannaford now carries your products is a great help in itself.Until quite recently I had to go 20 miles or more to find gluten free anything!
I had deliberated over what to get to eat at The Blind Pig in Athol recently, but ultimately decided on what I thought would be a tasty salad. At the last minute I decided to ask if they by chance had started serving any gluten free breads. I almost danced when she said yes, in fact they had just started offering Udi’s bread!! The “Oscar” that I was able to have was marvelous. Miller’s River Cafe in Orange also uses your bread and although she is making her own for now, I have told my employer at Johnson’s Farm Restaurant about your bread. One of the biggest problems is the cost for these small places. Do you do anything with wholesale to smaller restaurants?
I tell anyone I know who is gluten intolerant or a celiac about your products. Thanks for making something that tastes so good and holds up well despite being frozen!

Name: Gail Pease
Email: g_peaase@yahoo.com
City: Orange
State: Massachusetts

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