I found out I was Celiac about 2 years ago. Since I live in the very GF friendly town of Portland, Oregon (where we have GF beer at several local breweries), it was reasonably easy to hit the ground running with this new lifestyle. I love finding great ways to cook yummy foods and sharing with friends who rarely know they are eating gluten free. Often I am asked my recommendations on GF products, of which I have a full list, but when a person asked about what GF bread is the best, my answer was "learn to live without bread, unless you enjoy the texture of cardboard". Well that has changed! Udi’s is the absolutely THE BEST GF bread I have tasted, and competes in texture and flavor with gluten full bread.

Last night I tried their pizza crusts for the first time. My usual GF pizza is a rice crust that I make for dinner and will have plenty for lunch the next day. Well, last night my two pizza vanished with rave review from my husband and daughter, and no lunch leftovers for me today.

What more can I say. Udi’s, I heart you!!

Name: Lia Griffith
City: Portland
State: OR

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