My first loaf anniversary

One year ago today I started a new job with stellaLucy Gluten Free Market. After years of gluten freedom I thought I knew just about every gluten free product. There was one thing I knew for sure, I didn’t bother with bread. I would make pb&j on rice cakes, ham and cheese wrapped in a corn tortilla. There was no reason for me to pick up the dense brick they called "bread". Who has time to run a slice of bread through the toaster three times?! My first day on the job a coworker asked if I had tried Udi’s Gluten Free Bread. I immediatley responded that I didn’t care for GF bread. She insisted that I must try it. I resisted and said it just wasn’t for me. After a long day of training I went to my locker to grab my things. There sitting on top of my purse was a loaf of Udi’s Whole Grain with a little note that read " Try it, Trust me. 🙂 ". I sighed grabbed the loaf and headed home. The second I got home I was determined to prove my new coworker wrong. I popped a slice in the toaster slathered it with butter and took a bite. As I chewed it was as if the heavens had opened in my mouth. The delicious soft texture seemed to dance on my tongue. I actually let out a peep for joy and did a dance in my kitchen. I immediatley made grilled cheese, gobbled it up, pb&j inhaled. Before the night half the loaf was gone.

Name: Kathryn
City: Claremont
State: CA

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