Gluten Free Zombies?

This day in age there is a very strong awareness, and seemingly rapid growing diagnostic regarding Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance. It’s almost a wonder how this situation has continued to grow here in the United States and other countries. While wheat isn’t entirely a threat to everybody, there are many people already diagnosed with these conditions, and this population is expected to grow as more people are slowly learning of how it affects their day to day lives. Where are these increased diagnoses coming from, though and where can we turn?

Maybe it’s an uprising of gluten free zombies infecting us! Turning us gluten intolerant after we’re bitten, reducing us to eating non gluten meals! What do we do now!?
Good news is there are many ancient grains that are safe, and which people with Celiac can and should consider consuming. Some wonderful ideas would be quinoa, amaranth and millet, which are a great source of protein and good carbohydrates. Udi’s Gluten Free Foods will be soon making wonderful breads sourcing these products, but until then here’s a great breakfast idea using quinoa that you can try as a means of incorporating more ancient grains into your diet!

For those of us with nut allergies, try using hemp seeds in replace of pecans, to maintain a good balance of proteins, while making your snacks allergy friendly!

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