Gluten Free Happiness in the Heartland

During a recent trip to Iowa State University for the NACUFS Midwest show, Udi’s again showed why it is the very best gluten free product out there and this time the proof came from college students. During an incredibly successful trade show, all of us at Udi’s saw a strong reception from the local celiac associations in the Des Moines area, but we saw an even greater reception from our beloved consumers. Two college students walked past me after the trade show and saw the Udi’s logo on my jacket, which lead them to exclaim, “You work for Udi’s?! You have no idea how much I love Udi’s. Seriously, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I am actually meeting someone from Udi’s!” This reaction is like nothing I have ever seen in the food industry, and it proves that what we do is so special to so many people. We are helping gluten intolerant individuals enjoy their hot dog on a sunny summer day. We are allowing a dad to enjoy milk and cookies with his son. And we are ensuring that a recently diagnosed individual has the opportunity to enjoy their food once more.

All across college campuses, Udi’s is igniting excitement amongst its devoted consumers. Interactions like this most recent one in Iowa proves that the gluten-free community is able to live a flavor-filled life by enjoying Udi’s.

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