Have Udi's Gluten Free Foods – Will Travel

Recently the team here at Udi’s Gluten Free Foods had the chance to live vicariously through a fan of Udi’s.  Simone contacted us back at the beginning of February with this awesome announcement:

“Dear Udi’s,
Just wanted to know you’re also taking a trip with me next month to Africa.  I’ll fill you in with all the details so there are no surprises.   Your Whole Grain Bread and Bagels will be flying to Kilimanjaro where we’ll rest for a day before beginning the ascent of the highest peak in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro.  I’m going to need some carbs so trusting you’ll be right there with me.  Pretty exciting huh?  Just hope you can take the altitude.  Then we’ll do an African safari and a balloon ride over the plains of Africa looking for wild animals, just to take pictures of course.   Finally on to Zanzibar and Stonetown where I know we’ll both have a wonderful time.  Couldn’t live without you so hope you have a great time on this journey like I will.  Take care and thanks again for a wonderful product.

Well Simone is safely back from her adventure and over the next few weeks I will share photos and excerpts from her story.  We will start with her flight to Africa and summit attempt of Kilimanjaro.

It started out a little rocky for Simone’s journey:

“…the (Udi’s) bread and bagels travelled with me and thank goodness I carried them in my back pack as my luggage also didn’t arrive in Africa so I went up the mountain without all my gear. Had to rent/borrow whatever I didn’t have.
Also missed all my connections going over there so I was 24 hrs behind the rest of my group plus got sick with a cold virus so I was really behind the 8 ball so to speak just starting. Needed to hike in 1 day what the rest of the group had done in 2 days but caught up and carried on.
Simone and our Whole Grain Bread summit KilimanjaroThank goodness for my bread and bagels though as although the cook tried to keep me gluten free it was pretty tough on the trek so enjoyed having my own stuff in the morning. We did make it to the top, had to be 30 below zero with the wind howling, we were so cold. I lost feeling in both my hands and feet and am still suffering some frost bite on some of my toes. That too shall pass.”

More to come soon but if you want to jump ahead you can also see her photos on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/udisglutenfree

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