Mrs. Alaska 2011 campaigns for Celiac Disease Awareness

 This past Saturday, April 2, Brandy Wendler was crowned Mrs. Alaska United States. As part of the Mrs. United States National Pageant, Brandy’s campaign, Living Without Grain, aims at raising Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance awareness. As the 2011 Mrs. Alaska, Brandy will devote her time to educating the public about the basics of Celiac Disease, the initial challenges of a diagnosis and the ultimate reward of following a healthy, gluten free diet.

As part of this campaign, Brandy created the "Alaska Against the Grain" Celiac Disease Support Group, to provide a space for those living gluten free in her local community to come together and share resources, tips and advice–check out the link for more information regarding dates and location. Additionally, Brandy is an Udi’s Gluten Free Community Ambassador, meaning that she will be helping us spread the joy of gluten free eating as well. Therefore, we want to congratulate Brandy on her new crown. We are excited to follow her year-long journey of spreading Celiac Disease awareness and are happy to support her important work.

Beauty pageants are one way of creating public awareness on Celiac Disease and Gluten intolerance, but, now we want to hear about other mediums. How do you help raise awareness? What are other ways that have caught your attention?  
Mrs. Alaska United States 2011 crowning moment

2 responses to “Mrs. Alaska 2011 campaigns for Celiac Disease Awareness”

  1. celine bowick says:

    Welll I think that it is very kind of her to consider those with celiacs disease!

  2. Amy McMullin says:

    I think that is so amazing! That is a fantastic platform to have and to bring awareness of Celiac Disease. I have had Celiac Disease since I was 2 years old, I am also the reigning Miss East Coast American Coed 2011.

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