Gluten Free Baseball Season

Spring is here!  The trees are budding, the flowers are sprouting, the winter coats have gone into storage, and most importantly…opening day has officially commenced the start of the baseball season.  At stadiums across the country people toasted America’s favorite pastime with ice cold cups of beer and foot long hot dogs piled high with all the fixings.

What spells Spring better than a sunny day at the game, rooting for your favorite team, hot dog and beer in Baseballhand?

Unfortunately for those who suffer from Celiac and gluten intolerance, this picturesque snapshot of a typical day at the game usually brings anxiety rather than excitement.  No beer, no hot dogs, no pretzels, and no fun.

How are the gluten free eaters supposed to enjoy the game while gluten filled goodies are constantly waved around in their face?  In the past some sneaked in their own food, some resigned to eat nothing but peanuts, and others simply did not eat at the game.

Well gluten free eaters, there is a shift slowly making its gluten free way into baseball stadiums across the country.  Some stadiums have begun to offer their customers with Celiac disease gluten free options from designated gluten free snack carts.  Other stadiums have appointed entire snack areas gluten free with gluten free beer, gluten free hot dogs, gluten free candy, and gluten free pretzels.  Check out this post for an entire list of stadiums that offer gluten free options to their baseball fans: Gluten Free Concessions @ the Stadium
And of course when you are looking for a great gluten free grill session at home don’t forget about Udi’s newly released hot dog and hamburger buns available soon at grocery stores.

So here’s to a fabulous baseball season, complete with gluten free hot dogs and hamburgers for all!

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