Being a Gluten Free Athlete

So I was doing some research on how someone who needs to be Gluten Free, might still enjoy their favorite sports, or activities on a Wheat free diet. I got a lot of great Nutritional and Diet Information, and found some really useful stuff. Id like to hear what you all have to say, and your experiences.

In this first link above, a local athlete of our Rocky Region, talks about his experience training, on a gluten free diet.

The following are in reference to Zing bar. A great gluten free protein bar for those long distance rides or runs.

And lastly, probably the best artical I found is this one

Testimonials from People who are Gluten Free, Doing really outstanding things while staying true to their diet and lifestyle needs.

The most common thing to know, there are plenty food alternatives to use daily, over the always safe carbo-loading system. Leaner foods which are mostly protien and fiber, most usually are also lower glycemic. Taking these percautions also minimizes the risk of sudden hypoglycemic effects, while training. Its reassuring to know that people are making such notable physical advances on a gluten free diet!

Please share your reccomendations and recipie ideas!

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  1. Kendra says:

    It’s not hard! I eat a lot more brown rice and potatoes than I did pre-GF. Plenty of GF sports food too. I did an Ironman triathlon 10 months after going GF. Hardest part is carrying all your own food and drink during a race. @ironkendra

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