Finding the perfect bread!

I have 17 adopted special needs children. Two of them have celiac disease. Finding good gluten free breads was, to put it mildly DIFFICULT. We were vacation on Tybee Island when I found Udi bread at a Publix there. I took it to our rental house and tried it. The kids loved it and so I tried it and couldn’t believe what an impovement it was over any other gluten free bread I had tried. I insisted on stopping at Publix before we left and buying all they had. I was disappointed to find out that our Publix didn’t sell it, but i kept checking online. Finally they began selling it and I buy 4 or 5 loaves whenever I can get it. I just hope they expand their Udi line of products. I don’t know how you do it!!!! Thanks. Jeanette

Name: Jeanette Murphy
City: McDonough
State: GA

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