Glad I Found Your Product

I love your food. Since finding out I was allergic to gluten 20 months ago, I have tried several pre-packaged products. The first product I tried was the pizza crust and was thilled!! It tasted great. The I tried the muffins, again… Awesome! Then I found the bread and bagels and they didn’t disappoint either. I will keep using your products and love it when I can use a coupon to offset the price. The only product I haven’t tried yet are the lemon muffins, only because the last gluten-free lemon product (not yours) I tried was beyond terrible, so I will venture that soon.
Can’t say enough great things about your products. I tell everyone I get a chance to how much I love your stuff. Would love it, if they were less spendy but because they taste great, it makes it worth it. Keep up the good work!!

Name: Linda Peppel
City: Pullman
State: WA

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