Udis Uncovered

I had tried every bread in the 4 stores I shop at and couldn’t find a bread that tasted like bread. After years of throwing out bread I just gave up and went without….untill I was at a tasting day at the health food store and was tasting Udi’s amazing muffins and muttered I wish they made a bread that could actually taste like bread. A lady next to me said well the best bread ever is Udi’s sandwich bread. My face lit up and asked where is it? Well here it was in a freezer case acroos and around the corner from other gluten free breads and didn’t realize that I walked by it many times before.
So the real test for me was French toast, cuz that’s all my daughter would eat (she litterly choked on the stuff called bread) and we both ate it at the same time..WOW!!! This Is It!! Somebody cared what taste and texture is all about!!!

I tell everyone that your product doesn’t compare and to stick with the brand and you’ll never have to throw away food again.

We so love you and thank you for making eating a pleasure again.

Name: Joni and Jelena
Email: jonidepies@ymail.com
City: Maple Grove
State: MN

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