Yummiest cookies ever!

Ok so I love cookies. I saw on a "new gluten free product" website that Udi’s was making cookies. I got my glass of milk at the ready, and dreamed of how delicious they would be. I was super happy when the local store that carries your products already had them on the shelf. I grabbed a pak… ok so a few paks – got nervous that they would sell out. I popped the pak open in the car and… BLISS! Love them! Thanks for making a gluten and nut free life delicious.

Name: Kathy
Email: Don2Kat@msn.com
City: Staten Island
State: NY

One response to “Yummiest cookies ever!”

  1. Sandy Hudgins says:

    These cookies make Gluten free not only bearable, but pleasurable! MMMMM! Snickerdoodles are a taste of home. Chocolate Chip wonderful! And we can feel downright virtuous eating the delicious Oatmeal Raisin cookies. I have to drive a ways to get them, but it is worth it to have a happy husband. We love everything you make! The bagel are also big favorites. I love that you use the whole grain brown rice. And your bread is the only edible non-gluten. We just tried the pizza crusts tonight. First time pizza has tasted like pizza since the gluten free diet. YUM! Can’t wait to taste your new creations!

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