My Mom – My Hero!

On a weekend visit to my Mom & Dad, Mom said that the grocery store dietician (Hy-Vee) helped her find gluten-free crackers for the cheese & meat tray we were enjoying during our “Happy Hour”. The dietician also suggested this Udi’s Bread for breakfast toast. The dietician had heard from customers that it was the BEST. So, my Mom purchased the sandwich bread and said she had it in the freezer and we would test it in the morning. At breakfast, I had a slice with homemade rhubarb jam. WOW! I could not believe my mouth. It was the best I had ever tasted. I hugged my Mom. She is the best and always considerate of my diet needs. Of course, I had another slice. Mom sent the remainder of the loaf with me. When the package was empty, I took the bag to my local food co-op and asked if they would consider this particular bread. Pretty soon…the bread and bagels were carried in the store. What a deal and thank you MOM!

Name: Lanette D.
City: Saint Peter
State: MN

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