Gluten Free Beer

The Celiac’s diet in the past has not allowed for a lot of different seasonal splurges.  We pass on the stuffing during Thanksgiving, we stare longingly at the gingerbread houses on Christmas, we carefully sift through the bucket of candy during Halloween, and settle for bun-less hot dogs on the 4th of July.  Well, we used to settle for bun-less hot dogs.  This summer I very much plan on enjoying Udi’s newly introduced  Gluten Free Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns.  Grill outs- I will no longer fear you!

Photo Credit-, I can’t help but pine away for a little bit more.  What is the saying?  When you give a mouse a cookie…?  Well, when you give this gluten free eater a fantastic gluten free hot dog bun, she’s going to ask for a fabulous gluten free beer to go with it.

I’ve tried the beverage a total of two times.  I have yet to go back for a third try.  Has any one else ever had this drink dilemma?  The first time it was too bitter, the second time it was too light, and neither of the two ever achieved the right balance.  Perhaps the third time’s the charm?

Well, this time I did some research, or rather I looked up some others’ Celiac research on the matter.  Check out these sites for some awesome reviews and tips on how to pick out the perfect beverage for you.

What about you guys?  Have you ever tried any of these beers?  Let us know what you think.

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  1. Bob Waite says:

    Budweiser puts out RED BRIDGE a gluten free beer. I have tried 3 different GF beers and RED BRIDGE is the best. Just like a lite beer.

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